Custom development

In case there are specific software requirements or features that is important for your mining operations, we offer custom development services. By paying for the development of a feature, the development will be prioritized and the feature will be implemented as soon as possible.

Terms and conditions:

  • No exclusive rights to the feature: The new implementation will be owned by IntelliBreeze Software AB. IntelliBreeze Software AB can decide to make the implementation available for all users of the Awesome Miner software.
  • Agreed requirements and solution: Before the development of the feature can start and before any time or pricing information can be given, there must be an agreement of the requirements and the solution to be implemented.
  • Pricing: $200 per hour. VAT will be added on markets where required. The pricing includes the time for development, testing and any minor adjustments to the implementation based on feedback. For any additional requirements or features not initially agreed on, a new price must be agreed on.

Custom development process:

  1. Please contact us to initiate a discussion about the new feature
  2. Discussions and agreements on the requirements for the new feature and the solution to be implemented
  3. A time or price indication is given based on the required implementation effort. An indication when the development will be finished is also given.
  4. Once agreed on the requirements and time/pricing, the development can start
  5. When the development has completed, the feature is made available for testing and feedback
  6. When the feature has been approved, an invoice for the development work will be sent